Rage - Elementary/Middle School Dance Group

Performance Group for 4th Grade - Middle School Dancers

Rage is our Elementary/Middle School Level Performance Group, with instruction tailored to Beginning/Intermediate dancers, in 4th grade to middle school. Rage is coached by the enthusiastic Samm Olson, and is a great place for new dancers to begin learning the basics of jazz and hip hop dance. Technique and choreography are taught at a comfortable pace in a warm environment to encourage learning and growth. During its season, Rage will learn and perform fun and dynamic routines to sharpen technique and performance skills!

This group is currently on hiatus.

Rage will have many opportunities to perform throughout its season. This includes dance showcases, high school dance competitions, community events, etc. They will also be asked to compete during the Spring! Hourly rates for tuition apply.

Middle School is a great time to begin developing skills for activities later on in life. Is your child interested in participating in his or her high school dance team? Rage begins shaping the skills needed for competitive high school dance, and will help your child feel confident for auditions. Rage also builds the foundation needed for our High School Performance Groups, Regal and Riot.

Regardless of which path your dancer decides to take, Rage is an excellent place to begin dancing and making memories!