About Reign Dance Company


Reign Dance Company is a Eugene dance studio that opened in May 2016. We are excited to bring the dream and vision of our founder and owner, Angie Bunday, to life at the new Reign Dance Co. studio, located near West 11th across from Target, in Eugene, Oregon.

Our mission at Reign is to provide a studio for dancers that allows them to begin dancing at a young age, while continuing their other passions, such as high school sports and community involvement simultaneously. We want Reign to be an accessible option for anyone who is willing to work hard and be dedicated, and we don’t believe students should have to choose between studio dance and school club/sports participation. Reign Dance Company and its teachers are fully supportive of all other life passions, and will work with competing schedules whenever possible.

Reign Dance Company strives to make dance affordable for all families. We cut back on unnecessary costs to make studio dance attainable for more youth in the community. We ensure that our dance instruction is enjoyable, while also productive, to make sure you get more than your money’s worth.

Our focus is on promoting the growth of each individual dancer, nurturing his or her passion for dance, and providing local performance opportunities as often as possible. Reign Dance Company and its staff prides itself on being a competitive, yet positive and modest, dance organization, that always looks polished and prepared.

Most importantly, we want all dancers to have fun and feel proud of where they dance!