Riot - High School Hip Hop Dance Group

Performance Group for High School Dancers

Riot is our High School Level Performance Group, focused solely on Hip Hop. Riot is aimed for Intermediate dancers, ages 15-18, and is coached by the dynamic Belle Murray. Through fundamental exercises and choreography taught at a medium-pace, Riot dancers will work with various types of hip hop dance: hard-hitting, aggressive hip hop, as well as smooth, lyrical hip hop. Riot will focus on shaping and perfecting hip hop routines, with an emphasis in creating powerful and precise movement.

Mondays and Wednesdays, 6:30 – 8:00pm

Riot will have many exciting opportunities to perform and showcase their routines throughout the season. Some of these opportunities include dance showcases, high school dance competitions, community events, etc. Riot will also have the opportunity to compete in the Spring. We hold auditions for our High School groups in the Fall and Spring of each year. Hourly rates for tuition apply.


high school hip hop dance group

Riot is a fun, energetic, and uplifting Performance Group to be a part of. It sharpens important hip hop dance skills, while also providing a comfortable place to meet friends and grow as an individual. Through dancing with Riot, dancers will acquire the skills needed for our Collegiate Hip Hop Performance Group, Royals.

We would love to have dancers from all high schools throughout Eugene. We support high school sports and will work with other practice schedules to ensure that studio dance is possible for you and/or your dancer.

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