Royals - Collegiate Hip Hop Dance Group

Performance Group for Ages 18+

Royals is our Collegiate Hip Hop Dance Group, and is our most advanced Hip Hop crew at Reign Dance Company! Royals is coached by the dedicated Belle Murray, and intended for Advanced dancers, ages 18 and over. The group is designed for collegiate dancers, but is open to anyone with the necessary skills and experience, regardless of college enrollment. The Royals break outside the box with entertaining and exciting choreography – showcasing passionate and intriguing movements. Choreography is taught at a fast rate, and is designed to challenge dancers to reach their full potential.

Mondays & Wednesdays, 8:00 Р9:30pm

Royals is one of our highest-level performance groups, and opportunities to share their engaging routines will be gladly accepted! Some of these opportunities will include dance showcases, high school dance competitions, community events, etc.

collegiate hip hop dance group

Royals will also have an opportunity to compete in the Spring. We hold auditions for our Collegiate groups in the Fall and Spring of each year. Hourly rates for tuition apply. *Currently enrolled college students receive tuition at a discounted rate.

Royals brings vivacious energy to each practice and performance, lighting up the Reign Dance Company studio. Their work ethic, strength, and talent make them role models for the rest of our groups at Reign. Join us for auditions to be a part of this fantastic team!

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