Solos, Duos and Trio Routines


At Reign Dance Company, we provide the choreography and instruction of unique routines to compete as a Solo, Duo, or Trio! We are excited to offer the opportunity for you and/or fellow dancers to perform and compete a custom routine created around your vision and skills.

Solos begin at a flat rate of $300. This fee includes:

  • Cutting/edits to your choice of music
  • Choreography of the full routine (2-4 minutes)
  • Three hours of instruction with the choreographer (Your choice of any instructor at Reign Dance Co.)
  • One-hour cleaning session

For each additional dancer, a fee of $100 will be added.

  • The price for a duo (2 dancers) is $400.
  • The price for a trio (3 dancers) is $500.

Costs can be split between all participants of the routine. You do not have to be a current Reign dancer to apply for a Solo, Duo, or Trio Routine.

Dates and times for rehearsals will be determined by the dancer(s) and choreographer after the Application form is received and accepted. Full payment is due at the first session, unless prior arrangements have been made. Additional time for
choreography, modifications and cleaning is $30 an hour.

Costumes and competition fees are not included. Costuming is to be decided by the dancer and the choreographer. The costume(s) can be ordered through the studio, and in that event, would be applied to the dancer’s tuition for the month it’s ordered. Competition fees are dependent on the competition itself and would also be added to the dancer’s tuition during the month of the competition.

Private lessons are $30 per hour and can be one-time or multiple sessions. The amount is due at the beginning of each session. You can pay up front for a certain number of sessions (Example: $90 for three sessions on the first session to prepay).

To apply for a Solo, Duo, or Trio Routine, download and print the Application form and fill it out. You can scan and submit digitally by email, or return it to the front desk. Paper copies are also available at the Reign Dance Co. studio.

Apply for a Solo, Duo, or Trio Today!