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Dance Attire

We appreciate modesty in all dance attire for all of our classes and groups. We also prefer dancers to wear black, if possible, as it helps with cleaning choreography and movements. Appropriate dance-wear and shoes should be worn to class each week. Below, you will find suggested dance attire and shoes for each dance genre:

Ballet: Ballet slippers, tights (nude or pink), black or pink leotard, hair pulled back in a tight bun.

Hip Hop: Tennis shoes/high tops, athletic wear that allows for full movement (please no jeans or other restricting clothing). Knee pads suggested for floor work.

Jazz/Contemporary: Tight-fitting tops/leggings. A jazz shoe, foot undeez or pirouette shoe is suggested. No baggy clothing or jeans.

Fitness Classes: Tennis shoes, athletic wear (yoga mat suggested, but not required).

Behavior and Etiquette

Reign Dance Corvallis is an all-ages studio, requiring all dancers to promote respect, dignity and role-model behavior, especially for our younger dancers. Dancers must give respect and full attention to their teacher during class, while also being respectful and accepting of their fellow classmates. Appropriate language and conversations are expected at all times. Dancers are expected to leave non-dance related dilemmas at the door, promoting a welcoming and friendly environment for every dancer.

Dancers should be prepared to dance at the scheduled time for class. Gum or any other type of food or drink, except a water bottle, are not allowed. Please refrain from using cell phones during class, and assure they are silenced or off during class. Dancers who do not follow our behavior and etiquette may be unable to register for classes in the future.

Parent Observation

We love parent involvement in their dancer’s participation in our studio, and we want you to feel welcome. Parents will be able to observe classes from the side viewing room; however, dancers commonly perform better and are more focused without guests or their family members present.


Communication is critical for our dancers, families, and staff. We will post information to Reign Dance Corvallis social media pages. Please add our Information email address as a contact in your email and let us know if you have not received any emails. When you register, your email address will be added to our list. Please “like” us on Facebook to assure you are getting our updates and information as well. For questions about classes, payment, etc., please refer to the front desk receptionist. If the receptionist is not available, you may ask the coach/instructor before or after classes. We ask that you do not disrupt a class that is in session.

Snow Days/Closures

In most instances, we will follow school closures for the Lin-Benton county school districts. If Reign’s surrounding roads are believed to be safe for travel, classes may stay in session. It’s important to check our communication platforms regularly to stay up-to-date on closures.


Disclaimer: Reign Dance Corvallis and its staff cannot be held liable for harm to students while on Reign Dance Corvallis studio property. Reign Dance Corvallis staff will not be held responsible for injuries or harm experienced by Reign participants. Students and parents assume all responsibility and waive any claim for compensation for accidental injury incurred by students while at the studio or in the care of Reign staff, and hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless the studio, its agents, employees or servants, whether paid or volunteer, against any and all claims which may arise from an injury to a student while attending the Reign Dance Corvallis studio.