Studio Pricing

At Reign Dance Company, we want dance to be an affordable option for all families, and we keep this in mind through all of our payment, costuming, and competition choices.


Tuition is due the 1st day of the month, and invoices for the following month are passed out at the end of the previous month. Tuition must be paid before the 7th by check, money order, or cash, to the studio location during class hours. Tuition not paid by the 7th of the month will be charged a $10.00 per month late fee. Please submit at the studio main desk or to the coach/instructor of your class. We do not offer make-up classes for classes missed. Please also note, tuition paid at the beginning of the month will not be refunded if the dancer decides to stop taking classes mid-month.

Tuition and costume fees must be paid in full in order for students to receive costumes and to participate in performance events. Accounts that are past due for a period of ninety days or longer will be turned over to a collections agency and collections fees will apply.

Hourly Rates

Drop-In: $10 per class
*Excludes workshops and camps. Workshop rates vary and will depend on the instructor. Summer Camps will have a flat rate of $100 to be paid at the first day of camp.

Performance Group and Class Hourly Rates (Per Month):

1 hour or less per week = $40 a month
1 hour 15 min. to 2 hours per week = $75 a month
2 hours 15 min. to 3 hours per week = $100 a month
3 hours 15 min. to 4 hours per week = $115 a month
4 hours 15 min. to 5 hours per week = $125 a month
5 hours 15 min. to 6 hours per week = $135 a month
6 hours 15 min. and over (Unlimited) = $145 a month

Collegiate Discount

Our Collegiate discount only applies to Performance Group tuition. Our registered college student rate is $50 per performance group. The student must have proof of current enrollment.

Middle School/High School Dance Team Discount

If your dancer is a member of a local middle or high school dance team, they receive a 25% discount. Our MS/HS dance team discount only applies to Performance Group tuition. Monthly tuition comes to $75. The student must have proof of current enrollment.

Performance Group Insurance Fee

There will be an annual $30 insurance fee (registration fee) for each dancer participating in our Performance Groups.

Company Gear

For dancers that are a part of our Performance Groups, there are a few items that are required to be purchased:

  • Reign Dance Company black jacket (Same for every season)
  • Black athletic leggings
  • Reign Dance Company tee (Seasonal)
  • Athletic shoes (Black Nikes preferred)

Information on how to purchase these items will be provided after joining a Performance Group.

Costume & Competition Fees

Costume fees will vary depending on each routine. Parents and dancers will be notified of these costume fees and they will be due with the following month’s tuition. Costumes may be available to keep or to rent. This information will also be included when costumes are announced.

Competition fees will vary depending on the competition and number of routines being competed. Dancers in performance groups are expected to compete with the rest of their team in all routines. Competition fees will be applied to each dancer’s tuition the month prior to the competition to ensure the competition hosts receive payment in time.

We will do our best to keep fees affordable and give notice as far in advance as possible for costume and competition fees.

“Parent’s Night Out” Events

Parent’s Night Out events are a flat rate of $20 for first child and $12 for each additional in the family (includes snacks and pizza dinner.) Parent’s Night Out will be held on the weekends on select dates.


Scholarships are available for families experiencing financial hardship or for students on Free/Reduced lunches. Scholarships are limited and are dependent on each case. Contact us for more information.

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